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“Homonym is not your typical book of poetry......a richly descriptive and tragically sincere book....” --Andrew Wolter in X Factor

"Depth and emotion" --Jane Van Ingen, NY BLADE

Homonym is about family and one man’s search, full of touching portraits of a man in a world not his own, where his brothers are dying daily. And when Mr. DeBonis writes about his own struggle to declare his freedom and claim his identity, and the pain he encounters in the process, his work is at its best. No one knows better the stranded, empty beach feeling of a person trapped outside his own identity. There is craft and excellence in these poems. More often than not, the arrows fall true in the bull’s eye of the heart." --Walter Griffin, former Master Poet-in-Residence, Georgia Council for the Arts

In Homonym, Edward DeBonis reveals an uncannily beautiful, lyrical and caring voice especially as he confronts the AIDS plague. Some of the best poems are those commemorating Matthew Shepard, slaughtered by homophobes." --Robert Peters, Poet, Playright, Critic

Thoughtful, tender, Eddie deBonis’ poems cut down hypocrisy and offer deliberate, caring witness in its place. He shows us ways to welcome death, love, and loss, and leaves us evidence of just how our lives are joined, torn apart. An honest and moving book from a poet who knows how to treasure the “sweetest” in all its forms, so that one name becomes the same for all." --Beatriz Gates, Poet